Commercial Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Perfect for busy cafés, bars, restaurants and hotels, commercial bean to cup coffee machines offer a fully automated freshly ground coffee solution. Using fresh whole coffee beans and able to make a wide menu of drinks, from espresso shots to lattes, bean to cup machines are as close as you’ll get to barista coffee in the workplace. Simple push button selection ensures ease of operation and consistently high drink quality.

What is a bean to cup machine?

Bean to cup coffee machines are convenient, simple, and versatile coffee machines for dispensing quality coffee. They’re called bean to cup because you load them with whole fresh coffee beans which are then automatically ground by the machine seconds before being brewed into a cup of coffee.

They often have a range of different menu items, from espressos to lattes, all of which get made automatically at the push of a button. Being a push button coffee machine means that they’re suitable for coffee lovers at any brewing skill level, with the same great results no matter who’s using them.

What Are The Benefits Of A Bean To Cup Machine?

There are lots of benefits to a commercial bean to cup coffee machine, all making them the perfect choice for self-service environments.

  • Easy to operate
  • Dispense high-quality freshly ground coffee
  • A range of hot drink menu choices
  • Space efficient
  • Consistent coffee results

Who Is A Bean To Cup Machine For?

Bean to cup machines are ideal for use in commercial spaces where people will serve themselves, rather than being served by a barista. This includes environments like offices, canteens, and waiting rooms.

A commercial bean to cup coffee machine can take the quality of the coffee you serve in your office or workplace to the next level, so if your staff or visitors are even slightly interested in good coffee, a bean to cup machine is the best choice.

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