Commercial Coffee Machines

Our range of commercial coffee machines to lease, rent, or buy caters for all workplaces and includes traditional espresso machines, bean to cup coffee machines and coffee vending machines. We stock fresh milk and powdered milk coffee machines, multimedia and touch screen models and fresh brew and instant variations, giving you lots of choice. Our commercial coffee machines are designed by coffee experts and mostly made in Switzerland; a nation renowned for its manufacturing prowess.

Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Bean To Cup

Our bean to cup coffee machines are perfect for self-service areas such as canteens, offices or waiting rooms. Simply press a button and the machine will grind the beans, brew and deliver the perfect cup of coffee time after time.

Traditional Coffee Machines


The professional’s choice: our traditional commercial espresso machines are ideal for restaurants and cafes. Versatile and reliable, these top-quality machines are available in 2 group and 3 group size options for different businesses.

Coffee Machine Accessories


We offer a wide range of coffee machine accessories to help tailor our machines to your specific requirements. These include cup warmers, base cabinets, stands, water boilers, knockout drawers, and much more.

Coffee to Go Coffee Machines

Coffee To Go

Perfect for high footfall areas such as garage forecourts, our ‘coffee to go’ machines offer quality coffee on the move. We also offer a complete ‘coffee station’ option which includes storage for cups and ancillaries.

Instant Coffee Machines

Instant Coffee

Ideal for busy venues such as conference centres, our instant hot drinks dispensers offer a range of coffee drinks, hot chocolate and hot water at the touch of a button, serving customers quickly and efficiently.

Vending Coffee Machines

Vending Machines

Designed to help you generate additional revenue in venues such as lobbies and sports clubs, our coin-operated snack and coffee vending machines are simple to maintain and re-stock and offer a wide choice of products.

Office Water Machines

Water Machines

Banish plastic bottles and keep customers and staff hydrated with our H20 filtered water machines for offices. Choose from mains-fed or tank models, capable of dispensing hundreds of cups an hour, for your perfect solution.

Instant Coffee Machines

Home Coffee

Solo workers and coffee aficionados who work from home can enjoy top quality rijo42 coffee on a smaller scale. Designed for home use or in small offices, these models offer the same top-quality drinks as our commercial machines.

How to get a rijo42 coffee machine

Our commercial coffee machines are available to lease or buy, giving you options for how you’ll get yours. Leasing a coffee machine is the option most companies go for. It means there’s a lower up-front cost, you might get the chance to upgrade to a new machine mid-contract, and you can benefit from rapid maintenance and servicing.

Buying a coffee machine is chosen less often, but still has its benefits. From the moment you buy a commercial coffee machine, it’s yours for good. That means that you can keep it forever at no extra cost or sell it on if you’re ever done with it.

Making the choice between purchasing or leasing a commercial coffee machine doesn’t have to be hard. Get in touch with us and we can help advise on what’s best for you. The path to getting a coffee machine from us goes a little something like this:

  • Call us or wait for a call back if you’ve given us your details.
  • Speak to one of our coffee machine experts who’ll talk you through what machine would suit you.
  • Arrange your free coffee machine demonstration at your business.
  • You decide which option to choose.
  • When you’ve agreed to our terms and chosen your payment method, we’ll arrange installation of your new machine and teach you how to use it.
  • Enjoy The Real Spirit of Coffee
  • If you have any issues, we’re here to help with outstanding aftercare.

Commercial Coffee Machine FAQs

Which coffee machine is best for me?

If you’re looking for a coffee machine for a self-service space like an office, a bean to cup machine is great for the simplicity and quality it offers. Traditional espresso machines are better for regular service environments like cafes, where their versatility can be used to full advantage.

Coffee to go machines and instant coffee machines are both well suited to high footfall areas where speed and reliability are most important, while automatic vending machines can be used as an extra revenue source in a venue.

When you’ve chosen the right category of commercial coffee machine, decide which model is best for you by considering what size your space can handle, how often it’ll be used, and what selection of drinks you want it to dispense.

Is it worth getting a coffee machine?

Leasing or buying a coffee machine is an investment in your commercial space. It’s an extra cost that might not seem necessary but having a Rijo coffee machine offers a range of workplace benefits.

Coffee is the most popular office drink, but instant coffee isn’t up to scratch a lot of the time. If you’re wanting to provide quality coffees to employees to improve their work environment, a commercial coffee machine is the most effective way of doing it.

In other commercial spaces like receptions, foyers, and conference centres, a coffee machine is a great way to make customers feel welcome. If you choose to go for a coin operated vending machine, you can even make money from selling coffee.

What drinks can coffee machines make?

Bean to cup machines, coffee to go machines, and instant coffee machines generally have the most diverse menu options; offering espressos, americanos, lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and more.

Traditional espresso machines can only make espressos which can then be turned into longer drinks by a barista in a café or restaurant setting.

Lots of commercial coffee machines can also dispense hot chocolates and plain hot water to make tea, so they offer something for non-coffee drinkers too.

How do coffee machines work?

Fundamentally, all commercial coffee machines work in the same way. You fill them with coffee beans or grounds and fresh or powdered milk, connect them to a water supply, and press a button when you want a coffee. The machine will then rapidly heat water, pass it through the coffee, add milk if required, and dispense the drink you ordered into a waiting cup.

The differences between how different types of commercial coffee machines work are mostly in what form the ingredients are in. In a bean to cup machine, whole coffee beans are added to a chamber where they stay fresh before being ground. In instant machines, the coffee is pre-ground which means operation is quicker, but the coffee is less fresh.

Traditional espresso machines operate in a completely different way, relying on a manual process to brew the perfect espresso, but these are only used by professionals.

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