Instant Coffee Machines

Ideal for busy venues such as conference centres, our commercial instant coffee machines and hot drinks dispensers offer a range of coffee drinks, hot chocolate and hot water at the touch of a button, serving quickly and efficiently. Whether for an office setting or another self-service commercial use, instant coffee machines are the ultimate in convenience.

What is an instant coffee machine?

Instant coffee machines are quick and convenient automatic coffee makers, dispensing a range of hot drinks at the push of a button with no skill required and no long wait. There’s no need for coffee beans to be ground in a commercial instant coffee machine, so they’re the quickest machines to dispense drinks and usually the quietest too.

What Are The Benefits Of An Instant Coffee Machine?

While bean to cup machines and traditional espresso machines have their place, instant coffee machines boast their own benefits too:

  • Rapid brewing and dispensing of hot drinks
  • Quiet operation which is perfect for discreet environments
  • A range of menu options available

Who Is An Instant Coffee Machine For?

Because speed is the primary feature that instant coffee machines have over other types, they’re ideal for self-service environments where speed is the number one concern. This could include busy venues like conference centres, high-footfall commercial buildings, and popular cafes.

Although they don’t brew coffee to as high a standard as bean to cup or espresso machines, instant coffee machines will still give you a great cup of coffee. They’re perfect for people looking to strike the balance between quality and efficiency.

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