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Ultimate value, great rijo42 flavour.

Our instant range is perfect if you are serving coffee on a budget and need ultimate value. Fast, easy to use and reliable, they are ideal for any sort of waiting areas or small business, such as hair and beauty salons or small offices. Although this machine doesn’t use fresh coffee beans you still get the great rijo42 flavour from our blend42 instant coffee for a very high-quality cup.

Quality Ingredients

Blend42 instant coffee delivers the unbeatable rijo42 flavour.

Durable Parts

The quality components used in our machines ensure reliability.

High Volume Output

Our Instant range of machines are built to keep up with high demand.

Varied Drinks Range

Multiple drinks selection allows for the full rijo42 menu to be served.

Samba Turbo Instant Coffee Machine

Samba Turbo


This instant coffee machine is called "Turbo" for a reason. If you're dealing with a rush of people in a short space of time, you can rely on the Samba Turbo. Delivering up to 320 cups per hour.

Key Features
  • 320 cups of coffee per hour.
  • Single or double dispense (simultaneous yet independent)
  • LED backlight for clear menu selection.
  • Separate hot water tap.
  • Unique mixing system.
  • Drip tray full warning.
  • Energy saving mode.
  • Fast Dispense.
Samba Touch Instant Coffee Machine

Samba Touch


A stylish and reliable table top instant hot drinks dispenser, the Samba Touch provides the highest quality drinks via the touch screen interface.

Key Features
  • Simple touch screen selection
  • 9 drink selections
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Automatic rinse
  • Separate hot water dispenser
  • Optional soup configuration
  • Optional decaf configuration
  • Compact