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About Our Coffee Vending Machines

Find the perfect coffee vending machine for your business and enjoy the untameable taste of our coffee that’s exploding with flavour.

We have the right machine for your business in our range of rijo42 coffee machines. From refrigerated drink and snack vending machines to our high-quality hot drink and coffee vending options.

We’re the leading supplier of commercial coffee vending machines in the UK and are simply the best at what we do. Discover how we can find the perfect machine for you today.

Benefits of coffee vending machines

Our vending machines offer a vending solution for any application, from compact countertop machines to large freestanding vendors. Whether you’re looking for a coffee vending machine that’s suitable for the office break room or a snack vending machine for a forecourt, we have a vendor for you.

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Benefits of rijo42 Coffee Vending Machines

Multiple purchase options

Free installation & plumbing

Free coffee machine training

First class service plans

FREE starter package

FREE promotional material

Tailored soluton for your business

Suppliers of sustainable, high quality coffee

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Lease / Purchase Options

Purchase a Coffee Vending Machine

We offer a range of purchase options for our coffee machines alongside up to 3 years warranty for some models.

To book your FREE demonstration and to discuss payment options fill in the form below and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

Leasing a Coffee Machine

We offer a range of lease options for all our commercial office coffee machines, enabling you to serve high-quality coffee without the up-front costs.

Ideal for businesses looking to make their money go further by spreading the cost of the machine over its working life. It gives you the flexibility to upgrade to larger, more modern and higher-specification machines when required. Perfect for growing businesses!

Benefits of leasing a coffee machine over purchasing

Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect commercial coffee machine rental tailored to your business needs. We also offer free demonstrations of our machines - fill in the form below to discuss your options and book your demo today!

Commercial Coffee Machine FAQs

How long will my coffee machine last?

All of our equipment is designed for commercial use and protected by our first class service cover for total peace of mind.

The lifespan of a coffee machine depends on a number of factors, including the quality of materials (our equipment is the highest quality), how often it is used, and how well it is maintained.

What is the best coffee machine for my business?

The best coffee machine for your business depends on a number of factors, including the size of your business, the volume of coffee you need to make, your budget, and your personal preferences. Our team will discuss the best solution for your requirements. Our equipment is designed and tuned to deliver :drinks with an experience: ensuring you get the best flavour from the ingredients.

What is involved in the free demonstration?

We will bring the Brasil RSD Touch machine to your business, all we need is a plug socket and a space for the machine to set up. Don’t worry about the water we have a small container and a pump kit. During the demonstration you will see the machine working in a real life environment and get to experience the full range of drinks.

What is required for my installation?

The requirements for coffee machine installation vary depending on the type of machine and the location. However, there are some general requirements that all coffee machines need. We provide a full site survey during the demonstration to establish exactly what is required for your business.

  • A power source: Subject to the machine type but our most successful model the Brasil RSD Touch requires a 13 Amp socket.
  • A water source: Mains water is preferred but certain models can work on a hand fill container.
  • Drainage: Our traditional and fresh milk range require a drain. If a drain is not available it can go into a waste container.

How much space do your coffee vending machines need?

We have a range of different sized vending machines with our smallest at 480mm (w), 1635mm (h), 590mm (d) and largest at 850mm (w), 1830mm (h), 895mm (d).

Do your vending machines offer bean to cup coffee or instant?

Our coffee vending range uses both instant and bean to cup functionality. Talk to our experts today about the type that suits your requirements best.

How much does a commercial coffee machine cost?

Our machines are competitively priced, speak to the team to find your perfect machine and get a quote for purchase or lease today. We provide total peace of mind service cover as standard.

What does my warranty include?

On our Brasil range we offer 3 Years parts and call out as standard.

If my machine develops a fault what do I do?

With our dedicated 24/7 support hotline you have immediate support from our in house trained technicians. Issues are resolved immediately by phone and video call, this is the fastest way to get your machine operational. In the event a technician is required we have full UK coverage with trained technicians and van stocked parts. Every technician has a loan machine as a back-up to keep your coffee business flowing.


How much does a rijo42 commercial coffee vending machine cost?

Our vending machines are competitively priced, speak to the team to find your perfect machine and get a quote for purchase or lease today.


What is the process of leasing a coffee vending machine?

Your first step is to book a FREE demonstration using the form above. During the demonstration, we’ll show you the range of machines we can provide, how they work and sample some of our delicious coffee. During this process, we’ll identify what your business requirements are and recommend the perfect coffee machine for you. If you’re happy with this you just need to sign a leasing document and installation paperwork. Once this is uploaded to our system and sent to our finance department we’ll confirm your lease agreement within a few hours and then organise your free delivery & installation.