Tunki Coffee Beans


A beautifully balanced 100% arabica, single origin, gourmet coffee originating from the Peruvian Andes. This exclusive organic coffee encompasses intensity of flavour, full body and citrus acidity.
Tunki® boasts a superb floral aroma with sweet chocolate and treacle notes, enhanced with undertones of citrus and red berries.

Named after the Peruvian national bird, the tunki, or ‘cock of the rocks’ as its colloquially known, Tunki® coffee harvests multi award-winning coffee beans from the beautiful flora and fauna of the Sandia Valley in Peru’s southern eastern region of Puno. It’s grown at an altitude of about 1300-1800 meters and is usually farmed by Quechuan and Aymara people in sustainable ways; harvested by hand and nourished by spring water.

The roasting process

Expertly roasted by our roasting house in Spain, our Tunki® coffee beans are packaged in a protective environment immediately after roasting. They’re then packaged using nitrogen to ensure maximum freshness, while the coffee bags are also fitted with pressure release valves before being packed into boxes, palletised and dispatched to rijo42 HQ.


Our Rainforest Alliance certified coffee is traditionally farmed and produced without the use of pesticides or chemicals. The green coffee beans are first fed and washed by pure spring waters and then harvested by hand, by local indigenous Quechuan and Aymara speaking families who have worked the area for generations, in harmony with the land.


Tunki® coffee has earned global acclaim for its excellence, reigning supreme on numerous occasions at the National CaFa expo awards in Lima, while also earning the prestigious title of, ‘Best Specialty coffee in the world’ as selected by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Here, Tunki® topped a staggering 139 offerings from 25 countries to claim the coveted title.

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100% Arabica Coffee Beans