Price Increase Notification

At rijo42 we are committed to the high quality that our customers know and love.
Unlike many other companies we have decided to continue to ensure that our premium quality coffee beans, ingredients and service remain at the highest level.

As you will be aware, prices are increasing in every aspect of life and coffee is not immune to this. In order to show our appreciation for your continued support, we have been absorbing the latest cost increases and, whilst inflation has soared, have not increased our coffee prices during the last 18 months. However, as costs continue to rise, we have had to make the difficult decision to increase our prices to ensure that our product quality and service remain market leading.

Our new prices will come into place from 10th July 2023

DescriptionStock CodeCurrentNew

Red Coffee Beans RRB £16.92 £17.92
Black Coffee Beans RBB £16.92 £17.92
Deluxe Skimmed Milk RSM £5.40 £6.40
Tunki Coffee Beans TUNKI1G £21.35 £22.92
Deluxe Hot Chocolate WCH1 £6.09 £6.92
Peruvian Gold PGC £9.11 £9.92
Decaf Coffee Beans DCB £18.70 £19.92
Triple Certified Coffee Beans RTCCB £17.92 £18.92
Black Coffee Capsules PODBLACK 3.78 3.92
Red Coffee Capsules PODRED 3.78 3.92
Tunki Coffee Capsules TUNKICAPS 31.00 32.92
Black Ground Coffee RBG 9.27 9.92
Black 42 Instant Coffee RC1 12.84 13.92
Decaf One Shot Sachets DCOS 56.00 59.92
Vending Sugar RSL 2.42 2.69
White Sugar Sticks SS 26.99 28.92
Brown Sugar Sticks SSTB 28.99 30.92
Large Water Filter SGP195BNC 115.00 120.00