The Tauro provides a better coffee experience with cutting-edge brewing technology. An unmatched temperature control during the extraction, the barista is able to fine tune every shot, resulting in a better cup profile.


Steam Lever


4.3″ touchscreen and grouphead with dedicated display

4.3″ touchscreen and grouphead with dedicated display

The Tauro passed the rigorous Specialty Coffee Association testing standards and is recognised as a SCA Certified Espresso Machine

Multi-boiler system

Multi-boiler system

Each stainless steel group contains a micro-boiler and two heating elements. As well as keeping the temperatures of both the water and the group stable, the multi-boiler system improves the thermal performance of the machine, even when simultaneously brewing espresso and steaming milk, and allows different temperatures to be set for each group head.

Machine Specification
Key Features
  • Exclusive matte black design.
  • Control of each extraction.
  • Innovative brew group hydraulics.
  • Advanced temperature control profiling.
  • Variable steam lever.
  • Cool touch steam wands.
Capacity / Dimensions / Power
  • Boiler capacity: 11 litres
  • Power: 230V | 5.6KW | 20A
  • Weight: 95Kg
  • Dimensions: 840mm (w), 520mm (h), 580mm (d)
Drinks Menu

Americano, White Americano, Espresso, Cortado, Latte, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Flat White, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Hot Water

Whats Included
  • Multiple Purchase Options
  • Full Installation and Plumbing
  • Machine Training
  • First Class Service
  • Starter package & Promotional Material