The Uno
The Uno

The Uno

“The rijo42 Uno is the new generation of coffee capsule machine with a modern and compact design. Prepare incredible espresso with full body and rich crema thanks to technology developed exclusively for rijo42 capsules.”


  • Patented extraction brewing system - ensures perfect espresso everytime
  • Simple one button start/stop - user friendly
  • Adjustable drip tray - allows for small and large cups to be used
  • Exclusive capsule system - the machine has been designed specifically for rijo42 capsules
  • Anti drip system - ensures cleanliness and eliminates water wastage
  • More crema - produces rich crema due to technology developed exclusively for rijo42 capsules
  • Compact - requires minimum space
  • 1200W ThermoBlock heating system - prevents water from coming into contact with aluminum at any point during the brewing process
  • 1 litre water tank
  • Waste capsule container holds 12 capsules


Dimensions: 180 mm (w) 260 mm (h) 300 mm (d) Power requirements: 13amp Weight: 5 kg

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