Rapide 5 Litre
Rapide 5 Litre

Rapide 5 Litre

Bean to Cup

Big brother to the 2.5 litre range, the Rapide 5 litre can cope with a crowd in a hurry. Reliable and simple to use with automatic water refill and the capability for 30 litres (200 cups) an hour, it keeps going when the going gets tough.

Machine Specification
Key Features
  • 200 cups per hour.
  • Automatic water refill.
  • Brews directly into 5 litre serving container.
  • Option to full brew half brew.
  • Full brew of 5 litres takes approx. 7 minutes.
  • Hot water tap.
Capacity / Dimensions / Power
  • Power: 39A
  • Dimensions: 551mm (w), 950mm (h), 500mm (d)