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Banish plastic bottles and keep customers and staff hydrated with our H20 filtered water machines. Choose from mains-fed or tank models, capable of dispensing hundreds of cups an hour, for your perfect solution.

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Why get a water dispenser for your business?

There are a few things in life that everybody needs, no matter who they are, and water is one of them. Whether you work in an office or a customer-facing environment, a water dispenser is a valuable addition to the workplace.

Water machines are great investments for businesses that work out of offices, warehouses, shops, and other commercial buildings, keeping employees hydrated and happy. For businesses that are catering for customers, like cafes, coffee-shops, and bars, a water machine has different benefits such as allowing customers to serve themselves water and freeing up employee time.

People can be fussy about water so a high-quality water machine that dispenses pure, cool, and fresh water also has the benefit of encouraging everyone to drink more of it.

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