Americana M
Americana M

Americana M

“The Americana B is a fully refrigerated can machine offering 6 selections. Its large illuminated product display attracts intention therefore maximising impulse buys.”


  • Fully refrigerated - chilled products
  • Stocks snacks and confectionery - customer choice
  • Coin operated - self funding machine
  • Change giver - correct change not necessary
  • Programmable thermostatic control system - machine can be split into two sections with different temperatures, top section - ambient, bottom section - chilled
  • Eye detector - guarantees delivery of delivery
  • Large window display - maximises impulse buys
  • Triple glazed safety glass - safety conscious
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Adjustable shelves - allows a variety of products to be vended
  • Fully hinged front panel - ensures simplicity of restocking


Dimensions: 888 mm (w) 1830 mm (h) 875 mm (d) Power requirements: 13amp

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