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Our vending machines offer a vending solution for any application, from compact countertop machines to large freestanding vendors. Whether you’re looking for a coffee vending machine that’s suitable for the office break room or a snack vending machine for a forecourt, we have a vendor for you.

What is a coffee vending machine?

While all our commercial coffee machines technically vend coffee in one way or another, we do have more traditional looking vending machines that will be familiar to you. Our proper coffee vending machines are different to other types of commercial coffee machines in a few ways, but mainly in the way that users select their drink and the ability to add on coin-operation functionality.

What Are The Benefits Of A Coffee Vending Machine?

Coffee vending machines come with a range of unique benefits that make them a great choice for commercial environments, including:

  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Wide drinks menu and options for adding sugar and milk
  • Ability to be coin-operated if you want to charge for your hot drinks
  • Variety of cup sizes available
  • Can use fresh coffee beans or instant coffee

Who Is A Coffee Vending Machine For?

Unlike our other types of coffee machine, coffee vending machines are tailored specifically for one type of setting - public facing self-service environments. Most customers who choose to go for a vending machine over another type choose it because of the ability to collect revenue with the coin operation functionality.

Coffee vending machines are the perfect option for waiting rooms, hallways, lobbies, and other high-footfall commercial areas.

While you can also choose to use a vending machine style of commercial coffee machine in an office environment, a bean to cup or instant coffee machine would probably be more suitable.

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