Coffee fads: mixed up lattes

A latte, as every coffee aficionado knows, is made of two ingredients – a measure of espresso coffee, and steamed milk. The name is a shortened form of  ‘caffè latte’, which literally means ‘milk coffee’ in Italian. There are other things you can add, of course – sugar, for one. A light dusting of cocoa powder on top, perhaps (although that’s more a cappuccino thing, for purists). We’re open to the idea of a winter warming drink with a shot of chocolate or hazelnut syrup, as well.  a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk.

What we’re not really behind, though, is the recent spate of fad lattes. New additions include mushroom latte, beetroot lattes, lavender lattes and carrot cake lattes. It almost makes the sake latte, a Japanese take on an Irish coffee, look normal. Mix a measure (30ml) of cold espresso with a measure of sake, and top it up with cold milk and crushed ice. The sake doesn’t affect the taste much, but will certainly add to the kick!

Latte fads

There are also plenty of drinks calling themselves ‘lattes’ that contain no coffee at all – for example, the charcoal latte consists of sweetened milk and ‘food grade activated charcoal’ – tasty! There’s also the blue algae latte, which combines coconut milk and spices with blue algae powder, to create a bright blue drink that’s supposed to have natural energy boosting properties. Mmm, maybe we’ll stick to caffeine.

The good news is that these fad coffees are only really popular on Instagram, and probably won’t be popping up in your local coffee shop! The coffee of choice in the UK is still the straight, Americano-style filter coffee – and we won’t be adding algae powder for anyone.

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