Delight your patrons with a wealth of delicious coffee options by investing in a top-quality coffee machine for your café or coffee shop.

From traditional espresso machines that prioritise quality to small filter coffee machines for those who need a quick caffeine fix, we’ve got you covered.

We usually recommend espresso machines for coffee shops as they offer flexibility and the opportunity for outstanding coffee quality.

However, they operate differently to other commercial coffee machines as they require manual input to brew the perfect espresso, so you’ll need a trained barista to create your café’s premium coffee offerings.

Read the testimonials from our café customers to see what they think about their coffee machine.

Lilys Cafe

We have been a rijo42 customer for two years now; we were sceptical at first as to whether we would sell enough drinks to warrant a machine as we only have 11 covers.

What can I say the machine was an instant hit; the amount of people that have a second cup is over 90% and we sell well in excess of 300 cups per week.

We opted for the High Gloss Brasil, our customers can enjoy a Bean 2 cup drinks in less than 30 seconds, and the quality is second to none.
Our deliveries arrive same day or next day so we don’t have un necessary funds tied up on our shelves.
The point of sale support is also huge, we have sail flags, swing boards, menus, aprons the list is endless, this is without doubt is why we sell so many drinks.

We are coming into our third year with rijo42 and we have our eye on the all new Touch screen machine, I’m sure we’ll be upgrading soon.
Thanks again guys, keep up the great work.


Rivington Hall Barn

We were first approach by rijo42 back in 2016 by Shaun with a view to improving our coffee sales.

Shaun was very professional from the offset, he demonstrated a machine for us and we opted for the Barista Pro machines. At the time we were selling 6,000 drinks per month, with our new system our sales went up month on month and now we sell over 10,000 coffee based drinks every month.

We recently decided it was time to discuss an upgrade after 3 years of flawless service. All our team visited the showroom at rijo42 and were blown away. We now have 2 fresh milk R42 machines side by side and I’m more than confident our sales will increase again as we can now offer Iced Latte’s which are delicious with a flavour shot of any rijo42 Syrups, which they send us free!!

As a busy site coffee is a massive part of our business rijo42 are definitely the right people for a high volume establishment. Keep up the outstanding work.

Mathew Salmon

Why choose an espresso machine for a coffee shop?

While you’ll need a barista to operate it, the sheer versatility that an espresso machine provides is endless, as a barista can make espressos which can then be turned into a huge menu of longer, more expensive drinks for your customers.

As well as quality coffee creation and the potential revenue-boosting opportunities, a coffee machine for your café could also improve how customers see you and reassure them that they’re getting the best coffee available. However, if you’d prefer to conceal the machine, you can always place it in your kitchen out of sight.

Why rijo42?

At rijo42, we believe the only thing to better brilliant coffee is a happy, healthy planet. So, naturally, our 100% Arabica triple certified coffee blend is certified by three ethical organisations: The Fairtrade Foundation, the Rainforest Alliance, and the Soil Association.

The Fairtrade Foundation is revolutionising the face of trade through improved prices and working conditions for farmers in developing countries, while our Rainforest Alliance certification signifies our compliance with ten standards, including wildlife protection and ecosystem conservation.

We’re also immensely proud of our organic status, awarded by the Soil Association – the UK’s leading food and farming charity.