Cheshire Farm

We introduced rijo42 coffee back in 2015 with Sean Griffin taking the time to assess the site and recommend the RSD Brasil Bean 2 Cup Coffee Stations throughout the attraction. The coffee machines have proved to be both reliable, of a high standard and a consistent offering which mirror the standards we require.

Jonathan Fell

Wrights pies

Our ladies love this machine for its simplicity of use and the cleaning is minimal and for the girls that work for us to endorse a coffee machine this highly it must be good as they were constantly moaning previously about past machines. I cannot recommend this machine and this company highly enough. After the first 11 months of having the machines installed I can say we are still impressed only once have we called an engineer out and he came the same day.

We opened a new store number 17 and they installed the coffee machine with no issues.

On evaluating like for like coffee sales we have seen a 266% growth in 11 months and the machines have already paid for themselves. We have gained customers from Costa and Starbucks and the feedback from our customers is excellent.

Julie Brereton
Retail Operations Manager