Amaretto Syrup


Quantity (1 x 1 Litre)

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  • Colour: Dark brown
  • Aroma: Spiced Amaretto
  • Taste: Delicious taste of almonds wrapped in sweetness

Cupid Cappuccino

In Roman mythology, Cupid is the son of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. He is known as the god of affection. Legend has it that cupid shoots magical gold-trapped arrows with red hearts at gods and humans alike. By piercing their heart with an arrow, he causes those to fall deeply in love!

With The Real Spirit Of Coffee, our Cupid Cappuccino symbols the taste of love with every sip. Our NEW recipe is destined for you to fall deeply in love!


Our NEW Valentine’s Day drink recipe, Cupid Cappuccino is truly a drink that is destined for you to fall deeply in love. A delicious combination of rijo42 gourmet espresso, hot steamed milk and the delectable flavour and aroma of Amaretto Syrup finished off with whipped cream!

1. Prepare rijo42 Espresso in the bottom of your cup
2. Pour a shot of our rijo42 Amaretto into the bottom of a steaming jug
3. Add required amount of milk to steaming jug and froth the milk
4. Pour your steamed milk into the cup until there is about an inch from the top
5. Top the with the milk froth by shaking the jug or spooning it out on top
6. Add the whipped cream and any extra garnish
7. Sit back and fall in love with The Real Spirit Of Coffee

This recipe can also be made with any of our commercial coffee machines. Simply add the syrup to the bottom of a cup, place the cup under the dispense head of your bean to cup coffee machine, press Cappuccino and finish off with whipped cream and any extra garnish.

If you want to make our Cupid Cappuccino at home using your Uno Coffee Pod Machine and frother, simply add your pod to the machine which will dispense an incredible espresso into your cup. Add a shot of Amaretto syrup to your espresso then add your milk to the frother wait for this to froth, pour your milk into the cup and finish off by adding whipped cream and any extra garnish.

Shop now, head over to our website to purchase your Amaretto syrup and start serving Cupid Cappuccinos in time for Valentine’s Day.