rijo42 Support Ken Heathcote in Charity Swim Challenge

rijo42 Promises is proud to be supporting Ken Heathcote in his triple swim challenge in a bid to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

rijo42 has pledged to raise £42,000 for Cancer Research UK in 2017/18 and we’re pleased to assist Ken with his fundraising efforts. Completing a trio of swims, increasing in distance and difficulty, Ken’s aim is to raise as much money as possible for crucial reasearch into the devastating illness that affects so many lives.

The first event, the Great North Swim is taking place on Friday the 9th of June, where Ken will cover a distance of 3 miles in the open water of Lake Windermere.

Ken’s second swim is taking place on Tuesday 27th June and will see him swim a distance of 5 miles in the open water of Lake Coniston.

Returning to Lake Windermere on 3rd August, Ken will complete my third and final swim. Without doubt, this will be his biggest personal challenge at a distance of 10.1 miles.

Thank you for your support.