Irish Liqueur Coffee Recipe

Irish Liqueur Coffee

How to make an Irish Coffee

This old classic has been a favourite for many years, it’s wonderful mix of rijo42 Americano gourmet coffee and Irish whiskey is the perfect combination. Great to offer in your hotel, restaurant or bar or after a dinner party with friends. You can produce perfect Americano coffee from any of the commercial coffee machines, traditional espresso machines or home coffee machines in the rijo42 range.

1 cup rijo42 Americano coffee
25ml of Irish whiskey
2 teaspoons of Demerara sugar
25ml fresh pouring cream


  1. Take a latte glass from yourrijo42 cup warmer. If you don’t have a cup warmer then place a spoon into the glass and fill with boiling water, the spoon will absorb the heat from the water so the glass won’t crack. NEVER use a cold glass as adding hot liquid may cause it to crack.
  2. Pour the shot of Irish Whiskey into the bottom of the latte glass
  3. Pour in the rijo42 Americano coffee into the glass leaving a 15mm gap at the top
  4. Add the two teaspoons of Demerara sugar and stir until thoroughly dissolved, it is important the sugar dissolves completely as this is what ensures the cream floats
  5. Place a teaspoon face up into the coffee so that the curved part of the teaspoon is just touching the surface
  6. Pour the cream from a small jug onto the spoon, the cream will flow off the sides of the spoon and float on top of the coffee
  7. Enjoy

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