Want to lose weight this January? Here’s what’s in your coffee.

best-types-coffee-cupWas your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and eat more healthily? With 67% of people who made a resolution putting improved health at the top of the list, you’re not alone. Unsweetened black coffee is an ideal choice when you’re on a diet – it’s energising, warming and clocks in at almost zero calories. If you prefer to add a little milk and/or sugar, there are still plenty of ways to reduce calorie intake – for example, swapping full fat milk for skimmed, and sugar for sweeteners. Here’s the low down on what to add to your coffee:

Dairy (both fresh and UHT):

Whole milk contains 67 calories per 100ml

Semi skimmed milk contains 50 calories per 100ml

Skimmed milk contains 35 calories per 100ml

For example, a large latte made with whole milk contains around 340 calories. Swap for skimmed milk, and the energy value reduces by more than half to 160 calories.


Soya milk has a similar calorie content to semi-skimmed and skimmed milk, but can be better from a health point of view. it’s 100% plant-based, nutritious and a source of protein. It can also be easier to digest as it’s naturally lactose free and gluten free.

Original soya milk contains 40 calories per 100ml.

Light soya milk contains 22 calories per 100ml.


Naturally low in fat and a good source of vitamin E, almond milk is a great partner for coffee. Calorie content ranges from 13 to 22 calories per 100ml depending on whether you choose a sweetened or unsweetened brand,


Brown or white, sugar contains around 16 calories per teaspoon. Most commercial brands of sweetener on the market contain zero calories.

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