Drinking coffee could help combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

A new clinical study has revealed that drinking coffee could help to manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease in patients that have been recently diagnosed. Parkinson’s Disease attacks the neurons in the brain, causing these vital cells to sicken and die and causing progressively worse symptoms. It most commonly appears in people aged between 50 and 60, but symptoms can appear earlier. The most commonly recognised symptom is tremors or shaking in the hands, but Parkinson’s can also cause slow movement, reduced balance, postural changes, stiffness and altered speech and writing. There is currently no known cure, but a new study published in the journalĀ Parkinsonism and Related Disorders has revealed that patients who drank more caffeinated coffee had a reduced need for standard medical treatment. This treatment typically includes drugs to stimulate the production of dopamine, levels of which are reduced by the disease.

Coffee helps reduce symptoms in study

The participants in the study drank caffeinated coffee equivalent to around 300mg a day each on average, and research showed that each additional 50mg of caffeine over that amount (roughly equivalent to an espresso) was associated with an apparent reduction in the severity of symptoms.

The patients were involved in the trials over a four-year period, and were newly diagnosed with the condition. The increased caffeine intake appeared to have a positive effect on both motor symptoms such as loss of balance, tremors and stiffness, and non-motor symptoms such as pain and depression.

The British Coffee Association have welcomed the findings and encouraged further research to help confirm the relationship between the consumption of caffeinated coffee and health benefits.

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