Boost mid-afternoon energy levels

Roasted_coffee_beansEven though we’re a coffee company, at Rijo42 we still suffer from the occasional mid-afternoon energy slump. Here’s how to boost energy levels and coast through the afternoon firing on all cylinders.

Energy levels often drop after lunch, around the 3pm mark – you feel tired, possibly a little headachy and find it harder to concentrate. Most of us are at our most productive first thing in the morning, and as the day wears on it can become harder to tackle routine tasks.

  • Eat well. The reason that energy levels slump after a meal is that blood is diverted to the digestive process, leaving you feeling lethargic, and the larger the quantity you eat the longer it will take to digest. Eating sugary snacks can leave you feeling worse, as well, as they can cause blood sugar levels to drop. Swap sweet snacks for nuts, wholegrains or a handful of dried fruit.
  • Take a break. As humans, we’re not built for long periods of concentration. When you’re busy, it’s tempting to keep on going – but your focus and productivity will drop, so spending more time at your desk doesn’t mean you’ll be working efficiently. Take a break every hour – do some stretching exercises, walk up and down the stairs a couple of times or just go and make a drink. At lunch time, get out into the fresh air for a break and go for a brisk half hour walk.
  • Grab a coffee. Well, of course we were going to recommend this one – but it seems that doctors do, too! Drinking coffee in moderation can not only perk you but it can also increase mental performance. Straight after lunch is the best time for your afternoon caffeine, as drinking it any later could affect sleep.

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