Barista Pro

Milk Foaming Machine

Model Overview

The popularity of cappuccino and latte macchiato has grown enormously in recent years, leading to an increased demand for great quality frothed milk.

Consumers in cafés, bars and restaurants have come to expect high quality barista style drinks. Consistency is paramount in delivering excellent cappuccino and latte to your customers and variations in the milk can have a big effect on their experience. Luckily, rijo42 has the solution with the revolutionary barista pro milk foaming machine.

Key Features
  • Simple push button selection - six direct milk drink sizes
  • Jug facility
  • 4L Bag-in-box (140 portions)
  • Milk stays fresh for 10 days once opened uncooled
  • Energy efficient - A++ energy rating
  • No cleaning required! Due to no contact between milk, man and machine
  • Compact - requires minimum space.
  • Less milk and packaging wastage
Drinks Menu

Perfect foamed milk for all milk based drinks

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2 Cups per day
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