Organic Brasil

Bean To Cup

Model Overview

The Organic Brasil is a high performance bean to cup coffee machine with integrated multimedia display. It features a striking design with a real English walnut (juglans regia) solid wood panel, complete with touch screen user interface. The Organic Brasil is available in fresh milk and granulated milk variations.

Key Features
  • 120-150 cups of coffee per hour, 28 litres of hot water per hour.
  • Multimedia Touchscreen - simple touchscreen drink selection, shows movies/pictures in any order.
  • Simply change or update of films/images by USB stick - allows for quick upload of new media.
  • Two grinders for two types of coffee.
  • Up to 56 drink selections.
  • Finished in high gloss black with real English solid walnut front.
  • Available in fresh milk and granulated milk variations.
  • Compact
Drinks Menu

Americano (Black Coffee), Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Espresso, Mochacino, Chocolate & Hot Water.

Coffee Machine Trade In
2 Cups per day
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