The Best Coffee Beans & Ingredients

rijo42 Premium Coffee Beans & Ingredients

rijo42 Premium Coffee Beans & Ingredients

We carefully select all of our products at rijo42 to ensure our customers receive the very best. Countless hours of research and comprehensive testing go into every product we introduce to our range, from commercial coffee machines right through to ingredients and ancillaries. We don’t believe in putting our name to any product that isn’t 100% perfect, so you can be assured that any rijo42 branded item will always be of the very highest quality.

At rijo42, we have an industry leading range of equipment and top quality gourmet coffee blends, but we know it doesn’t end there. It’s essential that our milk and chocolate products be of equal calibre to ensure the most exceptional quality drinks.

rijo42 Deluxe Skimmed Milk
Our granulated skimmed milk product is suitable for use in all of our commercial coffee machines and coffee vending machines. It is quite simply, granules of dehydrated skimmed milk and therefore is 100% natural and free from additives and preservatives. rijo42 Deluxe Skimmed Milk contains less than 1% fat, has between 25-65 calories per serving (depending on cup size) and is completely lactose free. Not only is it the healthier alternative, it creates a creamy froth and is the closest thing to fresh milk in terms of taste and presentation.

rijo42 Deluxe Hot Chocolate Powder
Also suitable for use with our commercial coffee machines and coffee vending machines, rijo42 Deluxe Hot Chocolate is a mature tasting delicious chocolate mix. It is incredibly creamy with a real chocolate kick and provides a full-bodied cup with intense chocolate aroma. Free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and sweeteners, our hot chocolate has no added sugar, is GMO free and contains no MSG. It’s suitable for vegetarians and can even be enjoyed by diabetics as part of a balanced diet.

Don’t just take our word for the quality of our coffee beans and ingredients though, here’s what a few of our customers have to say…

“We have dealt with rijo42 since the conception of our business, during which time they have provided us with excellent support for all of hot beverage requirements. Their coffee especially has been a major factor in our business’s success, with people approaching us to tell us we have the best coffee in the area.”

“We are getting more and more people in who used to shop at Costa, and once they have tried rijo42 they are hooked! The Hot Chocolate also gets rave reviews, so much so that we are now looking at getting more rijo42 products.”

“The quality of the product is obvious by the amount of compliments we have received and the amount of repeat trade we have.”

“We love our coffee machine and so do our clients. We have often had comments of ‘the best coffee in town!’”

“Within days of our café opening we had new customers coming in and saying ‘we have heard you serve the best coffee in the area, better than any well known high street coffee shop.’”

“The machine has proved a huge hit with our customers, especially children who love the hot chocolate.”

“It was a big step for us changing to a new brand of coffee after 40 years in business, however we are pleased to say that sales are up and customers have never been as happy.”

“Many of our clients have commented on the quality of the coffee being better than that of a high street coffee shop equivalent.”

“The hot chocolate is so popular that we was sold out within ten days! From Espresso to Cappuccino the coffee is very rich and smooth to the palate and tastes amazing, so much so that customers keep coming back for more!”

“We have had a rijo coffee machine recently installed in our hair salon and I can quite honestly say it is 100% better than what we had previously. All our clients comment on the high quality coffee and especially the hot chocolate.”

“We have a high volume of clients passing through our doors 7 days a week and just about everybody comments on the quality coffee.”

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