New survey suggests the UK prefers coffee to clubbing

office-583841_640A survey by the Office for National Statistics has revealed that as a nation we spend more on coffee pods for home coffee machines than we do on a wild night out. The survey of 700 household goods and services is used to calculate the official rate of inflation, and ‘admission fees to nightclubs’ no longer forms part of our daily expenditure. Reported in the Evening Standard, other drinks and food appearing on the list for the first time are Baileys and lemons, while our consumption of organic produce is declining.

Although we now officially drink more coffee than tea as a nation, your consumption may vary according to your profession! UK-based press distribution company Pressat carried out a separate survey of 10,000 professionals to determine who drinks the most caffeine. It included full-time employees, self-employed and business owners, all aged 18 and over. The highest scoring professions were teachers, police officers, trade workers and journalists who drink four to five cups on average a day. After them came medical staff, company executives and telesales workers who tend to drink up to three or four cups a day.

Next on the list were IT workers and retail sales staff, on two to three cups a day, while professional drivers, surprisingly, came in last at only one to two cups a day. 85 per cent of the respondents surveyed said they drank at least three cups of coffee daily. Men tend to drink slightly more coffee than women, but only by 5 per cent. Over two thirds believed that withdrawing their daily coffee would have a negative effect on their working ability.

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