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Maximise coffee sales over Christmas

Christmas is arguably the most wonderful time of year, festive spirit sweeps the Nation. Offer your customers a taste of Christmas with this delicious flavoured coffee recipe.

Gingerbread Latte

Christmas Coffee Recipe Gingerbread Latte

A great Christmas drink recipe, Gingerbread lattes are truly delicious. A delightful combination of rijo42 gourmet espresso, hot steamed milk and the delectable flavour and aroma of freshly baked Gingerbread. All finished off with a lovely thick layer of creamy milk froth (or whipped cream if you prefer).

  1. Prepare rijo42 Espresso in the bottom of a latte glass following how to make the perfect Espresso
  2. Pour required shots (one per Gingerbread Latte) of rijo42 Gingerbread Gourmet Coffee Syrup into the bottom of a steaming jug
  3. Add required amount of milk to steaming jug and froth following how to froth milk
  4. Using your rijo42 milk spatula to hold back the froth, pour the steamed milk into a warm latte glass until there is about an inch from the top
  5. Remove the spatula from the milk jug and top the glass to the top with milk froth by shaking the jug or spooning it on top
  6. Sprinkle with chocolate powder or for an extra indulgence top with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate shavings and a little grated nutmeg

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This recipe can also be made with any of our commercial coffee machines. Simply add the syrup into the bottom of a Latte Glass, place the glass under the dispense head of your bean to cup coffee machine and press the Caffe Latte selection button. Dust with chocolate powder from your chocolate shaker or for an extra indulgence top with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate shavings and a little grated nutmeg.

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