Coffee Mushrooms?

Growing Mushrooms With Coffee Grounds

Growing Mushrooms With Coffee Grounds From Commercial Coffee MachinesWe don’t like waste at rijo42 and as anyone subscribed to this blog will know, we’re always looking for inventive ways to utilise the left over coffee grounds produced by our commercial coffee machines.

It’s undeniable that coffee is many a person’s favourite hot drink, and whilst it makes us feel good, it also contains a vast amount of goodness that is more often than not, cast aside. Used coffee grounds from commercial coffee machines can be incredibly useful for a multitude of applications, yet literally tonnes are thrown away by businesses up and down the country on a daily basis. This is a waste in our eyes as these spent grounds could be used for so many different things. In previous posts we’ve highlighted how coffee can be used in the garden, around the house and in beauty regimes, this widely discarded 100% natural product is incredibly versatile. And, as this post illustrates, used coffee grounds can even be utilised to grow gourmet mushrooms.

The used coffee grounds from commercial coffee machines are packed full of cellulose, nitrogen, lignin, sugars an other nutrients which mushrooms can make use of whilst growing. Mushroom cultivation is typically earmarked as ‘tricky’, and normally requires complete sterilisation of the compost they are to be grown on. When thinking of growing your own, experienced cultivators recommend starting with Oyster mushrooms, as they are the easiest and most forgiving species for home growth. Mushroom farming usually relies on significant sterilisation of the compost they are grown in. The beauty of using waste coffee however is that the grounds are already sterilised by the coffee machine during the brewing process. Used coffee grounds are a huge waste resource, and are packed full of nutrients to help your Oyster mushrooms prosper.

As we’re only the coffee experts and not mushroom farmers, we thought we’d include a link to a great website containing useful facts and tips for growing mushrooms with coffee grounds, if you’re considering home cultivation, it’s definitely worth a look.

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