Rijo42 takes to the water

This Rijo42 customer in Wales has their priorities right....
This Rijo42 customer in Wales has their priorities right….

It’s official – we’re a nation of fishing enthusiasts. Research commissioned by the Environment Agency revealed that around 6.1 million people when freshwater or sea fishing in 2009 and 2010 – that’s a staggering ten per cent of the UK population! The survey also revealed that fishing is being seen in a more positive light by the public, with increasing numbers of younger fans.

So what do we find so appealing about fishing? For a start, it’s a great stress reliever. It requires a surprising amount of concentration, forcing you to re-focus your mind, and, of course, it takes place in some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK. Although it has a reputation of being a solitary pastime, it can also be very sociable as you spend time with your fishing buddies – it’s also a great way of bonding with family. There’s also the thrill of feeling that tug on the end of your line, and gently playing the fish until you manage to land him – a huge sense of achievement. Add in the fact that fishing helps support natural environment for wildlife and play an important role in conservation, and you’ll understand why fishing is the UK’s most popular anticipatory sport.

All the components of a great day out.
All the components of a great day out.

Now, though, we think we’ve discovered a way to make a day’s fishing even more enjoyable – and that’s by adding a little dash of Rijo42 magic. Whether it’s celebrating landing the catch of the year or consoling yourself for the one that got away, the smooth taste of one of ourĀ Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified blends will put the finishing touches on a great day out.

To find out more about Rijo, our ethos and our beans, visit the main website at www.rijo42.co.uk.