Coffee around the world


Australian flat white coffee

In the UK, the most common way to drink coffee is filter coffee with milk, with either one sugar or no sugar added. We take a look at how other countries around the world enjoy their coffee.

Australia – Australians drink a huge amount of coffee, and top of the list is the flat white. This is made by pouring a thin layer of steamed milk over a single or double shot of espresso, and is similar to a latte although with a higher percentage of coffee to milk and a smaller volume.

India –  filter coffee, also known as kaapi, is very popular in the south. It’s made in a special metal device consisting of two cups. One cup sits on top of the other, and the upper cup contains a pressing disc to brew the coffee while the lower cup serves as a tumbler for the finished drink. Much stronger than the coffee we enjoy in the UK, it’s normally served with milk and sugar.

Mexico – To make authentic Mexican coffee, café de olla, you’ll need a traditional earthen clay pot. The drink is flavoured with cinnamon and sweetened with piloncillo, unrefined sugar. 

Vietnam – the iced coffee Vietnamese speciality is called ca phe da. It’s made with coarsely ground coffee, preferably grown in Vietnam for an authentic taste, and brewed with a drip filter. It’s sweetened with condensced milk, and poured over ice to chill it.

Thailand – coffee in Thailand is iced and known as oilang. Just like Vietnamese coffee, it’s served over ice and can be flavoured in a range of ways including with cardamom. It’s also usually served with condensed milk.

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