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As each day passes, we here in the UK are becoming more and more of a speciality coffee drinking nation. Visit any town or city centre and you are absolutely spoilt for choice with places to get your well earned, delicious caffeine fix.

That said, as there is so much competition out there, rijo42 believe in assisting our clients with serving the best coffee possible, setting your establishment apart from the rest. Having amazing coffee and a fantastic machine is only the beginning; it’s no use to you if you don’t know your way round a traditional espresso machine. The good news is that it really isn’t that difficult, just follow a few basic steps and you’ll be producing the best speciality coffees in your area in no time.

At rijo42 we offer all our clients the very best Barista Training. Big Dave Caple, the gentle giant, is an extremely patient instructor and will run you through all the processes entailed in producing the best speciality coffee, from the perfect espresso to the very theatrical and expertly presented Latte Macchiato. You will learn all about coffee blends, grinding the beans, tamping the coffee, extraction and milk frothing techniques, you’ll be pouring hearts and rosettas into your Lattes before you know it!

We want all our clients to have the same passion as we do for serving the finest quality coffee. When you’ve completed our Barista training and can truly see the difference between good coffee and mind-blowing coffee, you’ll be well on the way to sharing our passion and your customers will thank you for it.

To learn all the tricks of the Barista trade and start producing the finest coffee from your traditional espresso machine, book your Barista Training Course today. Call free on 0800 023 4242 or email sales@rijo42.co.uk.

Big Dave's Barista Course