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Coffee sales play a huge role in boosting profits for a wide range of business types. Coffee is extremely profitable with the potential to generate huge margins. To unleash this potential, your coffee service must be of the very highest standard. To ensure a top quality coffee offering, equipment is key.

There are several points to consider when choosing a commercial coffee machine; reliability and value for money, ease of use, drink quality and ease of maintenance. In this post we’ll explain why the rijo42 Brasil bean to cup coffee machine surpasses all of these criteria.

Coffee Machine Reliability & Value For Money
The key most aspect when selecting a professional coffee machine is reliability. If coffee sales form a core part of your business and profit margins, it’s absolutely essential your coffee machine can meet demand. As such, the machine should be constructed of high quality parts to reduce technical issues. Value for money is also important when selecting a new commercial coffee machine. A cheap initial outlay can more than likely prove expensive in the long run. Many manufacturers construct machines of inexpensive plastic parts to reduce the price of their equipment. On first impressions this may appear that you are getting a great deal, however costs associated with replacing failing parts over the life span of the machine can negate any saving made on the original purchase price. A coffee machine that fails is a cost to your business; every minute your machine is out of order, your profits are taking a hit!

rijo42 Brasil Reliability & Value For Money
The Brasil is a Swiss made bean to cup coffee machine providing unrivalled performance and reliability. Switzerland is world renowned for manufacturing exceptional quality products and commercial coffee machines are no exception. The Brasil is constructed of only the highest grade parts, hugely minimising technical issues. The Brasil is equipped with a stainless steel integral coffee grinder, supplied with a lifetime guarantee! This unique grinder calibrates automatically to ensure excellent, consistent drink quality and will hit a million grinds without breaking a sweat. The Brasil also features an industry leading milk frother unit which, combined with rijo42 Deluxe Granulated Skimmed Milk, delivers a creamy and frothy continental coffee. Also fitted with ‘Hygo Milk System’ the best milk hygiene system in the industry, keeping bacteria at bay and vastly reducing cleaning and maintenance.

Ease of Use
Another key factor when choosing a commercial coffee machine is ease of use. Machines that are simple to operate are without doubt more cost effective, particularly in self-service environments, the simpler the machine is to use, the better. If a customer walks up to a machine that looks too complicated to operate they will more than likely walk away without making a purchase – not good for profits! It is also beneficial that the machine is user friendly when being operated by staff. Push button machines ensure consistency in drink quality regardless of the skill level of the operator, providing your customers with the same great coffee experience on each visit.

rijo42 Brasil Ease of Use
The Brasil couldn’t be easier to use, simply place a cup under the dispense spout and make your drink selection. At the touch of a button the machine delivers a freshly ground speciality coffee, from bean to cup in 25-35 seconds. The Brasil is perfect for busy environments; the machine does all of the work, meaning staff can attend to other tasks whilst drinks are prepared. The Brasil is also ideal for self-service applications, its simple user-friendly interface and excellent drink quality will ensure customers visit time and time again.

Drink Quality
The quality of drink a commercial coffee machine produces is of paramount importance. To maximise coffee sales the end result, the drink, needs to be of excellent quality. The machine is the key factor in this as outlined in the sections above. The standard of the integral parts within the machine ultimately determine how good the drink is. A well-manufactured coffee machine coupled with great quality ingredients will provide consistently great tasting coffee for your customers. Repeat business and word of mouth are all important in keeping those profit margins soaring.

rijo42 Brasil – Drink Quality
The Brasil boasts some great features including the unique stainless steel grinder, high-grade milk frother and brewer unit as outlined above. In addition, the Brasil is also equipped with ‘Quali Control System’, which regulates the grinding and brewing times guaranteeing excellent flavour. The Brasil is exclusive to rijo42 and is designed for use with rijo42 coffee beans, granulated skimmed milk and hot chocolate powder for optimal results.

Ease of Maintenance
As well as being easy to use, commercial coffee machines should also be simple to maintain. A clean machine is essential to obtain optimal coffee flavour however a machine that takes hours to disassemble, clean and reassemble is not cost effective.

rijo42 Brasil – Ease of Maintenance
The Brasil requires minimal maintenance thanks to its integrated hygiene systems. The machine features automatic rinsing and automatic cleaning programmes. A small simple clean is required at the end of each day, which takes a maximum of five minutes. A brewer clean is then required after 500 drinks, the machine will do this automatically, simply insert a cleaning tablet. This cleaning cycle takes just over 10 minutes and as it is fully automated, other tasks can be attended to whilst the brewer clean is in progress. The Brasil is provided with easy to follow step-by-step cleaning guides ensuring anyone can clean the machine.

Further information…
By far the most popular machine in our range of commercial coffee machines, the Brasil provides unrivalled performance and reliability. The machine has capacity to produce in excess of 500 drinks per day. It offers eight drink selections; Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Latte Macchiato, Mochaccino, Hot Chocolate and a Hot Water function for tea. Should the hot water function not be required the machine can be configured to dispense two different cup sizes, regular/large via a shift key. The Brasil is available in coin operated and free vend variations, with a double grinder model also available enabling two coffee blends to be used.

To book a free demonstration of the Brasil at your premises or to arrange a visit to our showrooms please call free on 0800 023 4242 or email [email protected], alternatively please complete our online form.

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