Top coffee-making mistakes

mistakes-coffee-best-cupEveryone wants their coffee to taste as good as possible. These days, with home coffee machines better than ever, making delicious coffee has never been easier. If your morning cuppa isn’t quite up to scratch, though, you could be making one of these mistakes.

Stale coffee

If you don’t make fresh coffee regularly but just enjoy the occasional cup at the weekends, your beans could be less than perfect. Whole beans store better than ground coffee, but both use their flavour relatively quickly. Ground coffee should only be kept opened for a couple of weeks before being replaced, while beans should be ground as needed. For a quick and easy solution, try using individual coffee capsules. Each one is separately wrapped, so deliver great flavour every time.

Poor storage

Coffee is porous, and shouldn’t be stored in bright light or damp conditions. Storing it alongside strongly flavoured food may taint it as well. If you need to store large amounts of beans for quick use then a hessian or breathable sack is best. To store small quantities for home use, use an airtight container kept in a dry, dark place.

 Tainted equipment

Whatever method you use to make your coffee, the equipment you use needs to be regularly cleaned and cared for. For cafetieres, that means washing them regularly with warm, soapy water. For coffee machines, regularly run some hot water through them or follow manufacturer’s care instructions.


If you’re making your coffee with a manual method such as a cafetiere, the temperature of the water and the brew time are vital. Use water that’s come slightly off the boil (boil the kettle, and wait 30 seconds before pouring the water), as this will help to bring out the more delicate flavours. The brew time depends a little on the strength of coffee you’re using and how strong you like it, but should be between two and five minutes.

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