Top 7 Flavoured Coffee Syrups

Top 7 Flavoured Syrups For Coffee & Hot Chocolate

rijo42 Range of Flavoured Coffee Syrups

As coffee culture in the UK has become more diverse over recent years so too has the ways in which people enjoy their coffee of choice. Flavoured coffees have become incredibly popular, with an ever-increasing number of people choosing to add a range of different flavours to spice up their lattes and cappuccinos. Here are the top seven flavoured coffee syrups used most frequently in the UK.

A flavour that seems to complement most things, Vanilla is also excellent combined with coffee. Vanilla lattes are very popular in high street coffee chains and remain one of the UK’s favourite flavoured coffees.

An indulgent flavour to add to coffee, caramel is great for those times when you need a little something sweet. Caramel lattes are now staples on coffee menus and many add other flavours such as hazelnut or honeycomb for an extra special treat.

Cinnamon is a flavour that works incredibly well with coffee, and is great for seasonal specials. Cinnamon lattes are extremely popular at Christmas time offering a lovely rich and festive flavour.

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Coffee and chocolate have long been flavours that complement each other beautifully and chocolate cappuccinos are a little slice of heaven to enjoy on your morning break or over lunch with friends.

A popular festive flavour, Gingerbread lattes and cappuccinos are in exceptionally high demand at Christmas time. That said they are so delicious that many enjoy them all year round.

A great flavour for both coffee and hot chocolate, hazelnut lattes are mildly flavoured with rich undertones of hazelnut and hazelnut hot chocolates are reminiscent of Ferrero Rocher. Delicious.

Coffee has long been served with mints on the side but now people have cottoned on to how great mint flavouring is added into coffee. Mint Americanos, cappuccinos and lattes are popular additions to coffee shop menus.

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