Top 5 Reasons To Choose Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines V Traditional Espresso Machines: Top 5 Reasons To Choose Bean To Cup

Bean To Cup Coffee Machines V Traditional Espresso Machines

Investing in a commercial coffee machine for your business can often be an arduous decision; there are many factors to consider; yet they still remain one of the most essential acquisitions for a host of different business types. Here’s the top five reasons to invest bean to cup coffee machines compared with traditional equipment.

Consistent Drink Quality
Serving great quality coffee is the key to customer retention. Whilst traditional espresso machines are regarded as the best machine for producing quality espresso, they do require a high level of skill to operate, this is all well and good with a resident coffee expert, a Barista, however when a number of different employees are operating a traditional machine, coffee quality can be variable and consistency compromised. A bean to cup machine resolves all of these issues; the simple push button selection process ensures consistent drink quality regardless of who is operating the machine. No training is required to use a bean to cup coffee machine.

Bean to cup machines take up far less space than traditional equipment and require none of the associated accessories such as grinders, knock out drawers and barista kits. Bean to cup machines are perfect for environments with limited space, offering a full speciality drinks menu in as little as 350mm width of space.

Ease of Maintenance
A clean coffee machine is essential for optimal coffee flavour and the cleaning process can often be laborious with traditional kit. Bean to cup coffee machines however are incredibly simple to clean and maintain. A five-minute daily clean and a ten-minute weekly clean are required, and cleaning programmes are automatic therefore staff are able to attend to other tasks whilst the machine is cleaning.

Self Service
The beauty of bean to cup machines is that they are versatile, they can be used in both counter service and self serve applications. The simple user interface make these machines great for self-serve environments, simply press a button and the machine dispenses a freshly ground coffee in around 25-35 seconds.

High Performance
Typically, bean to cup machines have a high performance rate. The better machines on the market have the ability to produce over 500 drinks a day, perfect for high volume environments. These machines will produce freshly ground coffees of equal calibre continuously throughout the day and aren’t reliant on the speed of the individual operating the machine. Customers are served quicker, maximising efficiency and more importantly profits.

At rijo42, our extensive commercial coffee machine portfolio features both traditional and bean to cup equipment. By far the most popular machine in our range however, is the Brasil bean to cup coffee machine. This fully automatic machine’s sleek aesthetics are paralleled by unrivalled performance, making it the obvious choice for many business types.

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