An E-Cig Vendor?

The VIP E-Cigarette Vending Machine

VIP E-Cigarette Vending Machine

Since the enforcement of the Smoking Ban in England in July 2007, smoking has become increasingly less popular. Having to step outside in bitter cold or pouring down rain has seen more and more smokers kicking the habit. Another contributing factor to the decline in the UK’s smoking population is purely the cost. A pack of 20 cigarettes now costs anywhere between £6.30 to £8.57, meaning a smoker with a 20-a-day habit could be spending anywhere up to £261.00 per month to satisfy their cravings. The effects of a double-dip recession and the constant rising of day-to-day living costs has led to more and more people knocking cigarettes on the head. Most importantly there’s the health implications to consider where smoking is concerned. We hear horror stories everyday of smoking leading to fatal illnesses, and smokers are reminded of this every time they reach for their cigarette packet, with graphic images and hard-hitting health warnings emblazoned upon them. Going back decades, smoking was considered cool and the ‘in thing’ however these days there is not a lot to be said for it other than it is unhealthy for both your body and your bank balance.

The introduction of electronic cigarettes has been the answer to kicking the addiction for many a smoker. E-Cigs are now everywhere. Providing a clean alternative to smoking, they’re battery-powered vapour devices, which simulate the sensation of smoking, providing the same hit and taste as Nicotine without the odour, cigarette butts and ash associated with tobacco. They have taken the nation by storm, so much so that there is now an E-Cigarette vending machine. The VIP E-Cig vendor dispenses VIP electronic cigarette kits and features an age verification system, assuring no purchases can be made from people under age.

Perfect for petrol stations, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and host of other locations, the VIP E-Cig vending machine is a great way to generate additional profit for a broad spectrum of business types. E-Cig retail outlets are amongst the fastest growing businesses in the UK, yet set up costs can be thousands of pounds with premises, overheads etc. The VIP E-Cigarette vending machine offers established businesses a convenient and simple way of tapping into the booming electronic cigarette market immediately.