The Mona Latte?

Famous Paintings Recreated Using Only Coffee

We’ve looked at coffee art previously and are fascinated with the way beautiful works of art can be created using simply espresso and water. This feature in particular looks at how some of the worlds most famous paintings have been recreated using the worlds favourite hot drink, coffee.

American artist and fellow coffee lover Karen Eland is one of our favourites, recreating some of the most famous paintings in history using only coffee, and bringing them into the 21st century by strategically placing cups of coffee within these famous portraits.

Originally painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the early 1500’s, the Mona Lisa is one of the most recognisable works of all time, and by far the most famous. This infamous painting is not only the best known, it’s the most written about, most visited and most parodied works of art in the world. The Mona Lisa was Leonardo da Vinci’s favourite creation and he was thought to have carried it everywhere with him until he died. Karen Eland created her own take on the Mona Lisa using only espresso and water to recreate da Vinci’s masterpiece, giving it a modern twist by placing a latte in those famous hands. Karen painted her version of the Mona Lisa in 2003 and has since gone out to recreate numerous other famous paintings including the Last Supper, Girl with a Pearl Earring, American Gothic and a coffee painting of the famous statue ‘the Thinker’, to which she adds a cup of coffee in hand and aptly names ‘the Drinker’.

Karen began painting with coffee in 1998 and has never looked back; she loves to paint in coffee shops with the aroma of freshly ground coffee surrounding her. She has tried several different methods, including painting with grounds but found that freshly brewed espresso straight from a commercial coffee machine works best. Karen’s paintings have sold for up to 15,000 dollars and usually includes a cup of coffee somewhere in the artwork. These fantastic coffee crafted pieces can be viewed online at

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