The Journey of the Tunki Bean

Tunki Award Winning Coffee Beans – The Journey

Award Wining Coffee Beans - The Journey

We introduced the jewel in our coffee crown; otherwise known as Tunki, back in January and to date, the response it’s received has been incredible. Our clients and their customers in turn, love the unique flavour of Tunki and as such, it’s receiving a lot of attention.

The exceptional flavour of Tunki speaks for itself; it is beautifully balanced with a wonderful floral aroma underlined with sweet chocolate and treacle notes, all enhanced with undertones of citrus and red berries. Tunki has high acidity with rich full body and chocolate flavour. It also has an incredible pedigree; it’s a single origin, 100% organic, 100% Arabica premium coffee, which has won a host of awards and originates from the Peruvian Andes.

The response to Tunki has been so fantastic that we’ve decided to make a feature film of its journey from picking, all the way to your cup. The gourmet Tunki beans enjoyed in your espresso, cappuccino or latte undertake quite a journey to get there and we’re planning to document every step on film, from harvesting and picking right through to roasting, packing and delivery.

The nation’s ever-developing love for espresso has attributed to consumers becoming increasingly more interested in the coffee they drink. Coffee drinkers are now far more discerning, understanding coffee blends and inquisitive about their origins, prompting our decision to make the film about Tunki.

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