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Our most popular range of commercial coffee machines at rijo42 is by far our Swiss Made range of equipment. Crafted in Switzerland, a country world renowned for it’s manufacturing prowess, these machines are constructed to the very highest specification, providing unrivalled performance and exceptional reliability.

Our Swiss made collection of machines includes the Brasil range and the Rio range. Each of which is precision built to guarantee the finest cup of coffee, all at the touch of a button. These machines are constructed of the highest quality parts to ensure supreme reliability, minimising maintenance costs and prolonging the life of the equipment. All of the equipment in this range is fitted with a unique stainless steel grinder, guaranteed for a minimum of 1 million grinds. They all feature the ‘Quali Control’ system where the grinder automatically recalibrates to deliver the perfect espresso every time and the ‘Hot Start’ system, which ensures the machine delivers perfect hot coffee from the very first cup. Also fitted with the best milk hygiene system in the industry ‘Hygo Milk’, this unique feature keeps bacteria at bay, vastly reducing cleaning and maintenance related issues and unnecessary service charges.

All of our Swiss made coffee machines are incredibly user friendly, making them ideal for both counter service and self-serve applications. With the capacity for over 500 drinks per day, they provide freshly ground speciality coffees in between 25-35 seconds, from bean to cup. Drinks menus include Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Latte Macchiato, Mochaccino and Hot Chocolate. They also have separate hot water selections, which provides the facility to make tea.

The Brasil range contains the Brasil single grinder, double grinder and RSD models; available in high gloss white or high gloss black finish. Each of these machines has the capacity for 8-14 drink selections, and has the facility for two different cup sizes and decaf options. Accessories for the Brasil include a self-service coffee station, base cabinet, cup warmer and change giving coin mechanism.  For further information on the Brasil, please click here.

rijo42 Brasil Commercial Coffee Machines

The Rio range includes the Rio single grinder and the Rio Fresh Milk. Both of these machines feature double dispense making them ideal for busy environments.  Again, these machines have the capacity for 8-14 drink selections, two different cup sizes and decaf options. The Rio Fresh Milk has an attached milk module from which chilled milk is pulled into the machine and expertly frothed, to create luxury barista-style cappuccinos and lattes. To read more on the Rio Fresh Milk, click here.

Rio Fresh Milk Commercial Coffee Machine

To book a free demonstration of any of our Swiss Made commercial coffee machines, please call free on 0800 023 4242 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, please complete our online contact form.

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