Something Different For St George’s Day?

English Liqueur Coffee Recipe

English Liqueur Coffee Recipe

A great alternative St George’s Day recipe, perfect for serving after a traditional English meal on April 23rd. This liqueur coffee is made with the typically English tipple, Gin, along with Kahlua® Coffee Liqueur, Triple Sec, pouring cream and of course, aromatic Americano coffee.

Ingredients – Serves One
150ml freshly brewed Americano coffee
25ml London Dry Gin
15ml Kahlua® Coffee Liqueur
15ml Triple Sec
25ml fresh pouring cream
1tsp Demerara sugar
1tsp Triple Sec

Begin by preheating your serving glass. Take a tall latte glass, place a spoon into the glass and fill with boiling water, the spoon will absorb some of the heat from the water meaning the glass won’t crack. Leave the hot water in the glass for a minute then discard the water.

Pour the measures of Gin, Kahlua® and Triple Sec into the bottom of the latte glass, add the sugar and stir well. Pour the rijo42 Americano coffee into the glass leaving a 15mm gap at the top. Place a teaspoon face up into the coffee so that the curved part of the teaspoon is just touching the surface. Pour the cream from a small jug onto the spoon, the cream will flow off the sides of the spoon and float on top of the coffee. Add the teaspoon of Triple Sec over the cream. Enjoy.

Your rijo42 Uno home coffee machine will make the perfect Americano for this recipe, all you have to decide is which blend of coffee to use. Will it be rijo42 Red 100% Arabica, rijo42 Black Blend or Tunki Organic 100% Arabica? Buy rijo42 coffee capsules online at