rijo42 Uno Home Coffee Machine

rijo42 Uno

The Best Home Coffee Machine

The ALL-NEW rijo42 Uno is the next generation of capsule coffee machine with a modern and compact design. This stylish home coffee machine may be small but it’s perfectly formed and produces the finest extraction of espresso with full body and rich crema thanks to technology developed exclusively for rijo42 coffee capsules. The rijo42 Uno would be at home in any kitchen and you’ll love treating your guests to amazing espresso based drinks.

The rijo42 Uno produces espresso and Americano from our signature Red and Black coffee blends in capsule form. Each capsule houses 7g of perfectly ground coffee producing the best espresso with exceptional flavour, aroma and crema. Our Organic Breakfast Tea Capsules can also be used with the Uno. All rijo42 capsules are certified by the Rainforest Alliance and are completely biodegradable. Capsules are individually wrapped and packaged in Nitrogen in a protective environment to ensure maximum freshness. Packaging is fully recyclable.

rijo42 Milk Frother

The rijo42 Uno now has a new companion… the rijo42 Milk Frother. Compact and user friendly, the rijo42 Milk Frother produces perfect mircofoamed milk for Cappuccino, Macchiato and Caffe Latte all at the push of a button. Simply pour your chilled milk into the jug and press a button, the rijo42 Milk Frother will heat and froth the milk to the correct temperature and consistency and will automatically switch of once this has been achieved. All that’s left to do then is add your espresso.

The rijo42 Uno and Milk Frother are the ultimate double act, producing Barista quality drinks in the comfort of your own home! Watch the video of the Uno in action below.