rijo42 second only to Nescafe in national survey

Here at rijo42, we’re a shy and retiring lot, and we don’t really like to blow our own trumpet. Every so often, though, we just can’t help ourselves! This week, we had some really positive news. In a recent national survey conducted by OOH! magazine, rijo42 came second. Just to put that into context, the winner, Nescafe, is part of the Nestle group, a multi-million pound international organisation. And next on the list was…us!

The survey was conducted to find up to date information about the UK’s bakeries, and covered the whole country. Of the 78% of bakeries who served hot drinks alongside their other offerings, 37% served Nescafe and 7% served rijo42 brand coffee. That means we were second on the list, beating the likes of Kenco, Lavazza, Douwe Egberts and Maxwell House.

So why are all these customers choosing rijo42 over larger companies? Well, we offer a fantastic service with a high quality product, with coffee chosen, roasted and distributed by us. We offer top quality customer services, and a complete package in terms of coffee machines, coffee, coffee supplies and coffee accessories. We offer a choice of ethicically sourced products, and we’re socially responsible with our charity rijo Promises. We’re experts in our field, and we’ve got a great offering – oh, and our prices are pretty competitive too!

It’s obviously our week for feeling good about ourselves, becauseĀ 3M, our filters supplier, recently confirmed that we are their number one customer in the world of coffee. As they’re a worldwide company with a worldwide customer base, we reckon that’s something else to feel good about too.

If you’re interested in becoming a customer for your commercial coffee business, whether you run a cafe, restaurant or bakery, then please give us a call onĀ 0800 023 4242. To browse our wide range of coffee supplies, then take a look at our main website at www.rijo42.co.uk.