rijo42 Premium Coffee Beans

Where do rijo42 coffee beans come from?

At rijo42, we take every precaution to ensure only the finest coffee beans make it into our blends. Here we’ll take you on the journey of our coffee beans from picking to cup.

All of the coffee beans in our blends are grown at around 1600 metres above sea level. There is less oxygen at these high altitudes providing optimal growing conditions for coffee trees.

Coffee Cherry Harvesting

When coffee cherries turn bright red in colour, this indicates that they are ripe and ready for picking. There are a few different methods of picking which are widely used but rijo42 utilise only the selective picking method. This is where the coffee cherries are stripped from the branches of the coffee tree one by one, ensuring only the ripest cherries are selected.

Coffee Cherry Selective Picking

Once picked, coffee cherries must be processed immediately. rijo42 use what is referred to as the ‘wet process’ following picking, where the pulp of the cherry is removed within 24 hours of harvesting the coffee.

Coffee Cherry Processing

We use pulping machines to remove the outer skin from the cherries before transferring them to fermentation tanks. The coffee beans can remain in the tanks for up to two days to remove the sticky protective coating (parenchyma). They are then removed from the tanks, washed thoroughly and placed on large patios where they are dried naturally by sunlight. The beans are raked every six hours to ensure even drying.

Sun Dried Coffee Beans

Once dried, the green coffee beans are then graded by hand in terms of size and density and any inferior beans are discarded.

Coffee Bean Grading

Our green coffee beans are then packed into hessian sacks and sent to be roasted.

Green Coffee Beans

Coffee roasting is an art form within itself. Our coffee roasters use their senses of smell, sight and sound to ascertain when coffee beans are perfectly roasted. Timing is fundamental in the coffee roasting process as this affects the flavour and colour of the resulting roast. Each origin of bean is roasted individually prior to blending

Coffee Roasting

rijo42 coffee beans are packed immediately after roasting. We use Nitrogen in the packaging process to ensure maximum freshness and all of our coffee bags are fitted with one-way pressure release valves.

Nitrogen Packed Coffee Beans

Our freshly roasted coffee beans are then packed into boxes, palletised, loaded and dispatched from our roasting house in Spain to rijo42 HQ.

Delivery of Fresh rijo42 Coffee Beans

rijo42 coffee beans are available to order online with next day delivery at www.rijo42shop.co.uk or via our freephone number 0800 023 4242.

Order Coffee Beans Online

Whether using rijo42 coffee beans in an automatic bean to cup machine or grinding them for a traditional espresso machine, you can be assured they’re of the finest quality and have been on quite a journey to make it to your cup!

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