rijo42 Mochica Connect Commercial Coffee Machines

rijo42 Mochica Connect Traditional Espresso Machines

The Best Commercial Coffee Machine

The rijo42 Mochica Connect is a 3 group traditional espresso machine comprising 2 standard steam wands and one AutoSteam wand which creates perfect microfoamed milk at the touch of a button. The Mochica Connect is the ULTIMATE commercial coffee machine; elegant versatile and reliable under extreme working conditions.

Patented thermal system:

10 litre boiler, two heat exchangers operating in series and independent coffee boilers with a 400 cc capacity and a 800W resistor. The water for the coffee is pre-heated in the exchangers, distributed evenly to the stabilisation chambers and then heated to the set temperature. This ensures excellent thermal stability, extreme flexibility (from espresso to café crème), and allows the temperature of each unit to be adjusted independently, in just a few seconds.

Patented smart boiler:

Significantly boosts hot water and steam productivity. Optimizes boiler refilling and thermal balance for perfect results. Maximum steam pressure retained at all times ensuring no down times during peak demand hours. Cheaper to run than a conventional boiler.


Auto Steam is a patented temperature sensing steam wand system that delivers steam and air simultaneously into milk. This innovative feature allows for hands free frothing of large quantities of milk without human intervention. This enables staff to complete other tasks whilst the machine automatically steams and froths milk to the perfect temperature. The machine automatically stops heating the milk when the programmed temperature is achieved resulting in perfect microfoamed textured milk every time.

Bluetooth Coffee Grinder:

Whole coffee beans are ground directly in the filter holder before the espresso is extracted, resulting in better in-the-cup aroma. There is a wireless connection between the Mochica Connect and on Demand grinder. Using this connection, the machine and grinder can communicate easily and quickly. Once the settings are in place, the machine calculates the average value of the water dispensed for the first 20 extractions. The machine then memorises this value and uses it as the “ideal” setting. After every 10 shots, the machine calculates the average volume of dispensed water and compares it to the memorised “ideal” value. If there is a significant difference (the threshold can be set by the operator), the machine then sends a digital signal to the grinder, which automatically adjusts the grinding and dose. It’s very clever!

Other features include a dosed delivery hot water wand, a wide working area and raised group heads allow for tall takeaway cups and latte glasses to be used. The machine also has retractable cup rests for smaller cups such as espresso.

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