rijo42 Goes Dutch

rijo42 Coffee in the Netherlands

rijo42 Coffee In The Netherlands

We have been exporting our commercial coffee machines to other countries for quite some time now. The exceptional performance and reliability of our equipment makes it ideal for export, the simplicity of installation and ease of operation are a huge advantage when exporting to other countries.

We’ve now also begun exporting our coffee beans and ingredients to other countries and as of last month, have an official distributor of rijo42 products in the Netherlands. This Dutch coffee supplier contacted us in March with the view to adding a premium collection of coffee and ingredients products to their range and rijo42 was the brand they felt fitted this remit. We sent samples of our coffee beans, granulated and powdered milk products, hot chocolate powders, teas and ancillary products, along with a selection of our promotional material, and following sampling the partnership was formed.

Our new Dutch distributor installed their first machine with rijo42 products in offices in Amsterdam at the end of April, and feedback on the quality of our coffee beans and ingredients has been superb.


We look forward to a mutually successful working relationship and more people in the Netherlands enjoying rijo42 coffee on a daily basis.

For more information regarding the export of rijo42 commercial coffee machines, coffee beans and ingredients, please email sales@rijo42.co.uk.