rijo42 Ethics

Ethical, Green & Fairtrade Products


rijo42 is a company with strong Green and Fairtrade ethics. When sourcing new suppliers and products for our range, green and ethical practices are of paramount importance.

At rijo42, we offer a range of coffee beans including blends that are 100% Organic and Fairtrade. Our award-winning Tunki coffee is a 100% organic, 100% Arabica, single origin premium coffee, originating from the Peruvian Andes. Grown approximately 1700 metres above sea level in the Sandia Valley, in Peru’s southeastern region of Puno, Tunki coffee cherries are picked by hand and are produced without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Tunki coffee is certified organic by the Rainforest Alliance and is cultivated following international fair-trade standards.

rijo42 ‘Red’ blend coffee beans contains the finest selection of Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala and Ethiopia. rijo42 ‘Black’ blend coffee beans, are a 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta blend made with premium quality beans sourced from Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala and India. All rijo42 coffee beans are grown at high altitudes without the use of chemicals and pesticides and are handpicked to ensure quality, the handpicking process also ensures zero damage to the surrounding habitat compared with machine-operated harvesting methods. All of our coffee beans are certified by the Rainforest Alliance and are roasted and packaged by our roasting house in Spain. The rijo42 roasting house shares our ethical ethos and uses only materials from renewable sources for product packing and our coffee bean packaging is 100% recyclable.

We care for the environment at rijo42 and as such we guarantee that all of our commercial coffee machines are designed with elements that minimise power consumption and are manufactured to contain over 98% recyclable parts.

rijo42 is also committed to helping the local community and our Registered Charity, rijo Promises, has to date raised over £240,000 for incredibly worthwhile causes. Rijo Promises was established in 2001 and has strongly supported Cancer and Children’s Charities since its conception. A percentage from all rijo42 product sales is donated to Rijo Promises and additional funds are raised through continued fundraising events.

To book a free commercial coffee machine demonstration, please call free on 0800 023 4242, email sales@rijo42.co.uk or enquireonline.