Coffee Sales Heat Up As Temperature Drops

rijo42 Cup Warmer – the perfect accessory for your commercial coffee machine this winter!

Delicious Hot Coffee With A rijo42 Cup Warmer

It’s that time of year again, the nights are drawing in, it’s darker in a morning and there’s a definite cold chill in the air. It’s safe to say that winter is well and truly on it’s way, and what could be better in the colder months than a lovely hot cup of rijo42 coffee to warm you up from the inside? Typically, coffee sales increase as the temperature drops, meaning winter sales can generate extremely healthy profits. The key to unleashing this potential profit is providing your customers with delicious hot coffee to warm both their hands and their hearts.

As soon as winter starts setting in, rijo42 HQ is inundated with calls regarding drink temperature. The majority of these callers are of the opinion that the machine is causing the issue and drink temperature settings need to be increased, however this really isn’t the case. Any loss of drink temperature in the winter period is usually down to one simple thing, cold cups!

Any hot drink added to an ice-cold porcelain cup is guaranteed to lose temperature. It can be compared to serving hot meals on cold plates, food goes cold quicker than if the plates had been warmed prior to serving. All food serving establishments warm plates to ensure meals are delivered to customers just as they should be, hot. The principle is exactly the same with hot beverages; cups should be preheated to ensure drinks retain their heat for as long as possible after serving. Adding drinks to cold cups can reduce the heat of the drink by as much as 15 degrees. The last thing a customer wants when stepping into your warm cosy establishment fresh from the cold, is a lukewarm latte or tepid cappuccino.  That’s where the rijo42 Cup Warmer comes in.

The rijo42 Cup Warmer will be your commercial coffee machine’s best friend during the cold snap and thereafter. Ensuring cups are preheated to the optimum temperature, the rijo42 Cup Warmer banishes lukewarm drinks. Its compact design is unobtrusive, fitting perfectly alongside your commercial coffee machine. Constructed of robust stainless steel with sufficient storage space to house espresso cups, cappuccino cups and latte glasses. The rijo42 Cup Warmer also eradicates another common winter problem, cup chipping and cracking. When hot liquids are added to very cold cups, they can have a tendency to crack, preheating your cups eliminates this issue, saving you money on replacing crockery.

In October, November and December 2013, we are running a special offer on rijo42 Cup Warmers. For more information on this offer or to book a free commercial coffee machine demonstration, please call 0800 023 4242, email or enquire now online.

rijo42 Cup Warmer Special Offer