rijo42 Barista Spirit

rijo42 Barista Spirit

The Best Traditional Espresso Machine

Brand new and exclusive to the rijo42 range of commercial coffee machines. The Barista Spirit, a state-of-the-art 3 group traditional espresso machine with AutoSteam feature.

The Barista Spirit is quite a looker; aluminium frame with pearl finish and stainless steel details however, it’s the Barista Sprit’s unique transparent styling that sets it apart from all other traditional machines currently on the market. The clear side and back panels allow you to see the internal elements of the machine, with the illuminated side and control panels providing a contemporary feel.

Key Features

The Barista Spirit is equipped with three brew groups each with direct pre-infusion chamber. Four different programmable coffee doses and automatic back flush per group. The machine features an advanced sensor system for exact brewing temperature. Maximum precision temperature is achieved using PID technology – an intelligent heating system making the machine is extremely energy efficient. The result is a perfect espresso that reveals the unique character of your favourite rijo42 coffee blend.

The Barista Spirit boasts three steam wands, two manual wands and one AutoSteam wand for automatic, hands-free frothing of large volumes of milk. The AutoSteam wand heats and froths milk to the correct temperature and consistency by full automation. Simply pour chilled milk into a jug, place under the AutoSteam wand, press a button, walk away and return to perfect microfoamed milk. The AutoSteam function is perfect when you need to attend to other tasks, you can serve other customers whilst the milk is prepared automatically. All steam wands are heat insulated therefore not hot to the touch after use. The machine is also equipped with two automatic hot water taps, providing the facility to make tea.

Additional Features

Other features include a 17.5 litre capacity robust auto fill copper boiler with group heat exchangers. Digital boiler temperature control and display, built-in volumetric motor pump, digital brew time control. The machine is also equipped with a dispensed coffee memory setting providing diagnostics for stock and takings reconciliation.

All in all, the Barista Spirit is a high concept, high volume, traditional espresso machine that not only looks the part but delivers exceptional functionality.

To book a free demonstration of any of our commercial coffee machines please call 0800 023 4242 or email sales@rijo42.co.uk.