rijo42 Assist Local Food Bank

rijo42 help families in crisis

We recently learned of the fantastic work of LW Storehouse in Chorley and have pledged to do all we can to assist.

LW Storehouse is a charity organisation run by volunteers from LivingWaters Church in Chorley. LivingWaters Church has been a rijo42 customer for several years. We supply the church with commercial coffee machines, coffee beans and ingredients. When we heard of the wonderful work they are doing throughout the Borough of Chorley, naturally we wanted to do our bit to help.

LW Storehouse has recognised the sobering fact that over 13 million people in the UK are currently living in poverty, 3 million of which are children. They are working to alleviate poverty and feed people in crisis in the Chorley area. There are many families in our local area that are living in hidden hunger. Many struggle to find money to put food on the table and thousands simply go without.

In both 2011 and 2012, LW Storehouse supplied over 100 people with hampers at Christmas time. The recipients were all invited to the café to collect their hampers and enjoy a coffee. The response LW Storehouse received from those they were able to provide a hamper to was wonderful. LW Storehouse is now aiming to provide this service throughout the year. Working with key partners and care providers from the Chorley District, packs are issued on a referral basis ensuring the most vulnerable receive them. When a need for assistance is identified, a referral is sent to LW Storehouse who then makes contact to arrange a time to provide a food parcel. The person is invited to LivingWaters Church to collect their food, where they are also offered tea/coffee/lunch and pointed in the right direction of other services should they be required. The service LW Storehouse provides is for people in crisis with no financial safety net, through job loss, relationship breakdown, illness, bereavement etc.

At rijo42, we’re keen to do everything we can to help and as a company will be donating coffee, tea, milk and hot chocolate products. In addition, all rijo42 staff will be collecting food and toiletry items for the cause. We’re aiming to donate a huge food and drinks parcel to LW Storehouse for families in crisis over the next few weeks.

LW Storehouse urgently requires food donations to continue assisting people living in poverty. Please like LW Storehouse’s Facebook Page to help raise awareness of the wonderful work they do.