Reuse, reduce and recycle – the rijo42 coffee journey

At rijo42, we’ve very aware that our delicious coffee is grown in some of the most stunning areas in the world, and that’s why we’re so keen to manage and streamline all our processes to reduce any environmental impact and help instead of harming.


We’ve already taken some huge strides by developing and launching our new, unique, 100% plastic-free eco-cups. They can be put into regular paper and card waste systems, making it easier for customers to recycle them. In addition, all our coffee beans arrive packed in recyclable packaging, and even the pods for our capsule coffee are biodegradable.


Now, we’d like to invite our customers to join us on our recycling journey – ideally, we’re aiming for a world where nothing is wasted on coffee’s journey from plant to cup and beyond.


Across the UK alone, cafés, restaurants and catering businesses produce hundreds of thousands of used coffee grounds every single day. Although some of it is composted, if we all did a bit of direct recycling, we could help to reduce that figure even more.


Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and potassium, so are good for the garden. However, don’t spread them directly onto the ground like a mulch as they can stop water getting to the plants. Instead, sprinkle a thin layer and then work it in with a garden fork, or just add it to a compost bin.


Did you know that mushrooms love coffee grounds, as well? In fact, you can use coffee grounds and nothing else at all as a growing medium – and no, the mushrooms don’t taste of coffee!


Why not make 2020 the year you aim to reduce, reuse and recycle, however you choose to do it? For more ideas and tips, like us on Facebook at rijo42.