Protein Shake Dispensers

Protein Shake Machines For Health & Fitness Clubs

rijo42 Ultimo Protein is one of the three main nutritional energy sources that our bodies require to function properly, alongside carbohydrates and fat. The body requires a daily intake of all three of these nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. Protein is essential for proper growth and bone health and is particularly important for those who lead an active life, participating in intense exercise and training on a regular basis.

As well as providing energy for the body, protein is also responsible for muscle recovery. Protein repairs damaged muscles, tissues, ligaments and tendons, and is therefore an essential dietary requirement. The recommended daily intake of protein for adults is 0.8g per kg of body weight. However for active individuals, the recommended daily amount increases to between 1-2g per kg of body weight.

Due to busy lifestyles an increasing number of people now obtain the additional protein required for training from protein shakes. As such, more and more gyms and health clubs now sell protein shakes, providing an extra service to their clients and generating additional profit in the process.

rijo42 have a strong affiliation with the Health & Fitness sector and in addition to supplying commercial coffee machines to gyms and health clubs throughout the UK, we also install a significant number of our Ultimo dispensers.

The rijo42 Ultimo is a multipurpose cold and frozen drinks dispenser that can be used for slushes, smoothies, milkshakes and juices. The reason this machine is popular within health and fitness is that it can also be configured to dispense protein shakes. The Ultimo is a two-bowl dispenser with adjustable churn speed and temperature settings enabling it to be tailored to create the optimum protein shake, offering gym-goers a quick and convenient way of obtaining their pre or post workout shake. Simple to operate, clean and maintain, the Ultimo is reliable and compact and offers 100% product visibility.

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